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Commodore 64 latest classic console to see re-release

The Commodore 64 is set to get a re-release as a classic console model thanks to both Koch Media and Retro Games.

The new classic console is called TheC64, and will launch December 5, 2019 for £109.99/$119.99. Unlike other classic consoles such as the SNES Mini and the PlayStation Classic, TheC64 is a full-sized replica of the original. TheC64 comes packaged with a keyboard and joystick, and has been reworked to function through modern HD TVs.

Games that will come pre-installed on TheC64 include; Paradroid, California Games, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Boulder Dash, Idris Alpha, Hover Bovver, and Gridrunner. The console will also have Galencia, the 2017 shooter title, pre-installed on it, alongside Planet of Death, the classic text adventure.

Paul Andrews, Managing Director for Retro Games, told press that the company were elated to be working with Koch Media again, bringing back even more beloved classic games on one of the most iconic home computers in history. He went on to say that TheC64 is the first in a planned series of full-size classic consoles the company have in mind.

Classic consoles have sold well with consumers in the past, with Nintendo having to manufacture more of their NES Mini and SNES Mini consoles due to popular demand. The PlayStation Classic was a hit with Sony fans, and later this year the Sega Mega Drive Mini will launch for even more consumers to enjoy.

However, classic consoles haven’t all seen the same reception, and Andrews is all to aware of that. Until 2016 Andrews worked as Director for Retro Computers, the company responsible for bringing a handheld remake of the ZX Spectrum to life.

Andrews left Retro Computers in 2016 due to irreconcilable differences with the company’s other directors. Since then the company has come under fire as their remake of the ZX Spectrum failed to appear on time, receiving a number of delays until finally a few of the project’s backers had their consoles. Even these had only a few of the games promised for the unit, due to licensing issues with IP owners.

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