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Alienware reveal Switch-like handheld PC concept

Alienware reveal Switch-like handheld PC concept

Dell subsidiary Alienware has unveiled a new concept PC that looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch. The handheld PC is called the Concept UFO, and was revealed at CES 2020.

The Alienware Concept UFO is a prototype of a portable gaming PC that Alienware has been cooking up behind the scenes, seemingly since the Nintendo Switch launched. The console features two removable controllers on the left and right hand sides, which can than be attached to a grip to create a more traditional gaming controller, with the rest of the console supported by a stand.

The device runs Windows 10, and looks as though it could allow uses to play games from their existing games libraries on Steam, uPlay, the Epic Game Store, GOG, and many others.

The screen resolution of the Alienware Concept UFO’s 8-inch screen is 1200p, which is a massive improvement on the Nintendo Switch’s 6.2-inch screen with a resolution of 720p. However, while the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con controllers allow for one player to use a controller each in two player games, the Alienware Concept UFO’s controllers lack this functionality.

Inside Alienware’s handheld console is a 10th generation Intel processor. The device also supports Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity, and has two USB-C ports that allow users to plug in a keyboard and mouse should they want to.

Currently there are no firm details on a price, or even if this new device will ever release as a commercial product. A livestream is planned for the near future during which the new handheld computer will be discussed in more detail.

With so many rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro doing the rounds yet again, it seems likely that Alienware would want to capitalise on the interest in a Switch-like device that provides the same visuals that PC gamers are used to from their setups at home.

With so much power inside this small device, it’s likely that the battery power is pretty small in comparison to the Nintendo Switch. Without a long battery life that allows users to play for extended periods of time on the go, a handheld computer like this may not be worth the price tag, even if it is powerful.

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