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Registration for Distributors and Wholesalers

Sell bidsIf your company is a wholesaler or distributor of video games, consoles, or game accessories, you can register your company at our website to get your stock list and prices listed in our database. Registered users then will have access to your stock list and price information but they will not be able to see the name of your company.

When they agree to your price, they may click to buy your stock. In that case you will receive a message indicating that there is a buyer for your items, the desired quantity, and the buyer’s contacts. Then, if you wish, you may contact the buyer directly and finalize a deal. This allows you to keep your stock list and prices anonymous for general public, but at the same time to get offers from new perspective buyers and make deals.

Please click to register now, and get a fantastic, limited time discount of over 30%!

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