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K.S.P. Group

KSP ComputersThe K.S.P Group was founded in Haifa, Israel on 1994, and is since grown to become a leading retail chain of computers, laptops, tablets, Mobile-Phones, peripherals and electronic gadgets in Israel.

K.S.P Group is an independent import and distribution entity selling to K.S.P retail chain and to local dealers. K.S.P retail chain is the leading retail chain in Israel that specializes in IT and computers with 36 outlet stores covering the whole country from north to south. Each K.S.P branch contains the full range of over 3,500 different laptops, tablets, PC components, gadgets, cellular, peripherals and multimedia components.

16 Keren Hayesod st.
Tirat Carmel, 39026 Israel

Phone: +972 508805588