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Cool Blue BV

Cool BlueCool Blue BV is a large retailer that has 323 specialized webshops and seven physical stores in Benelux. The company sells a wide range of non-food products, including computers and tablets, printers and other peripheral, mobile and fixed-line telephones, sound and vision products, photo and video equipment, household, garden, and DIY products, car electronics, sports and recreation, and video games and consoles.

Cool Blue B.V.

Oostplein 97
3011 KW Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 10 7988989
Fax: +31 10 2125351

Commercial Register: Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam 24330087
VAT number: NL810433941B01
Account Number: IBAN NL50INGB0683251309

Coolblue Holding B.V.

Molenbaan 11,
2908 LL Capelle a/d IJssel,

Phone: +31 10 212 5349