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IRIS MEGA d.o.o.

IrisMegaIRIS MEGA d.o.o. is a major Eastern European distributor of wholesale video games located in Belgrad, Serbia. The company is owned by ComputerLand Group. IRIS MEGA d.o.o. has done a series of acquisitions recently, such as Slovenian Corby and Videotop, which placed IRIS Mega as one of the major distributors of video games in the whole region. The distributor is direct with such publishers as Activision, EA, CD Projekt Red, Disney, Konami, etc.

IRIS MEGA d.o.o. Computerland Group

Gospodara Vučića 176
11000 Beograd, Srbija

Phone: +381 11 71 58 000
Fax: +381 11 71 58 001


Miodrag Stakic, CEO of ComputerLand Group