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Hangar 13

Company Type:
Founded: 2014
Number of Employees: 150
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
2K Games

2K Games

Type: Publisher

Country: United States

Country: United States
Hangar 13

Hangar 13 is a video game developer based near San Francisco in California. The company was founded on December 4, 2014 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 2K Games. One of the major projects of Hangar 13 is development of Mafia III video game.

Hangar 13

Hamilton Landing
Novato CA 94949
United States


Hangar 13 - Building



Tower Point,
7th Floor 44 North Road,
Brighton , East Sussex BN1 1YR,
United Kingdom


Krakovská 7 , Prague,
Praha 1 110 00,
Czech Republic

Brno – Slatina

Tuřanka 115 , Brno – Slatina,
Brno 627 00,
Czech Republic

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