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Deck13 Interactive

Company Type:
Founded: 2001
Number of Employees: 65
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
Focus Entertainment
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Focus Entertainment

Type: Publisher

Country: France

Country: Germany
Deck13 Interactive - Logo

Deck13 Interactive is a video game developer based in Frankfurt, Germany. The studio is best known for its release of Lords of the Fallen, which they have developed together with CI Games. The company was founded in 2001 by founders who came from another development studio called Artex Software. Deck13 Interactive created its own titles as well as continued developing franchises started by Artex Software, for example, Ankh. In June 2020, Deck13 Interactive was acquired by Focus Home Interactive for €7.1 million.

Deck13 Interactive GmbH

Gervinusstraße 18-22
60322 Frankfurt am Main,

Phone: +49 069 / 716 716 60

Key People

  • Jan Klose
    Jan Klose, Managing Director, Founder
  • Mathias Reichert
    Mathias Reichert, Managing Director, Co-Founder

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