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Wicked Witch

Company Type:
Founded: 2001
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
Tantalus Media
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Tantalus Media

Type: Developer, Publisher

Country: Australia

Country: Australia
Wicked Witch - Logo

Wicked Witch is a developer of video games based in Australia. It was founded in 2001 by Daniel Visser. The studio is known for developing AFL and Rugby League series. In December 2021, Wicked Witch was acquired by Keyword Studios.

Wicked Witch Software

27 Thornton Crescent
Mitcham, Victoria, 3132,

Phone: +61(3) 9872 3733
Fax: +61(3) 9872 4033

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Key People

  • Daniel Visser
    Daniel Visser
  • Shayne Ford, Programming Director

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