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Company Type: ,
Founded: 1990
Number of Employees: 182
Country: United Kingdom
Subsidiaries: Yippee Entertainment

Team17 Logo

Team17 is a developer and publisher of video games based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1990 as Team 17 Software Limited by a merger of British 17-Bit Software and Swedish Team 7. The company changed its name to Team 17 Digital Limited in 2012. Team17 went public and become Team17 Group PLC in 2018. It has two offices and employs almost 200 people.

Team17 Group PLC

Ground Floor
1 Oakwood Court
Little Oak Drive Sherwood Park
Nottingham NG15 0DR
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1924 267776


Team17 Digital Limited Development Studio

3 Red Hall Avenue
Paragon Business Park
West Yorkshire WF1 2UL
United Kingdom

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Key People

  • Debbie Bestwick, Founder, CEO
  • Michael Robinson, Founder
  • Martyn Brown, Founder

Team17 Subsidiaries

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